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Visual Information Processing Evaluation & Training for Children with Special Needs
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Neuro Vision Therapy for Shortsightedness
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Colorist Lenses For Colorblind
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3D Vision & Stereopsis Therapy
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Aren't All Optometrist the Same ?

All optometrists and ophthalmologists check the health of your eyes and how clearly you can see. A  Board Certified Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist like Mr Stanley who is a Malaysian Optometrist in private practice obtained Fellow of College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD) evaluates your eyes and vision using the behavioral approach to assess how the visual system affects human development, individual performance and overall quality of life.  

Board Certified Behavioral & Neuro-Developmental  optometrists are trained in recognizing and treating functional deficiencies, that is, eye teaming, focusing, and eye tracking problems to name a few. Neuro-Developmental Optometry is a specialized field which requires extensive post-graduate training.

This means that the majority of these problems go undiagnosed even in the face of evident symptoms, complaints, and reduced ability to function.  It is not unusual for an individual suffering from these problems to be told that their eyes are fine.  Technically, this may be true. People are often told their eyes are healthy, which means there is no sign of disease. However, this does not negate the possibility of a functional or developmental vision problem, one that can be diagnosed and treated by someone who is specially trained in this area – a Behavioral & Neuro-Developmental Optometrist.  Behavioral & Neuro-Developmental optometrists base their practices on the knowledge that vision is develops throughout our lives. 

Our eyes take in visual information and vision actually occurs in the brain. As a result we are able to train one how to use their vision correctly and can fix the eye-brain connection. Vision problems of this nature can be enhanced using therapeutic lenses and/or Neuro-Vision Therapy.


What We Do 

Our office specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders that interfere with reading, learning and other activities of daily living. While we also work with adults, we mainly see children in our office.Children love our staff. They create a very warm caring atmosphere during the testing.

To prepare your child for the Neuro-Developmental Vision Evaluation, be sure to explain that there will be no shots and that there are no wrong answers. It is also helpful if you can make sure your child has a good night's sleep and eats a meal with protein and vegetables (if possible) prior to the appointment.

The evaluation takes about 1 ½ hrs and is very thorough. After the evaluation a separate appointment is scheduled where Mr. Stanley, the Neuro-Developmental optometrist, will speak with both parents to get a better understanding of how the vision problem is impacting your child’s life. He then combines your information with the results of the testing to design a unique treatment plan to ensure your child’s success.

Here is a video from a Neuro-Developmental optometrist from Canada which explains more about what we do.What We Do

Dedicated to Helping You Get the Best Care

As Neuro-Optometrists, Mr. Tien is dedicated to bringing you the best care to ensure the excellent results.
The field of Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation is an emerging field.  There is a wealth of information and research being made available on a regular basis.  In order to stay at the top of his field, and ensure you are receiving the absolute best care possible, not only does Mr. Tien travel throughout the world to attend continuing education classes, but he brings his vision therapists whenever possible.

Comment from other professionals 

A medical doctor struggled for 5 years with vision problems and glasses prescription gave him occasional double vision. He shared his story of struggles and success: “Finding the correct spectacles prescription has always been a huge headache for me. I have visited four different optometrist centers and other eye care practitioner. However after each visit, I still experienced blurry and double vision. The conditions didn’t change even after wearing the new glasses. Finally I got to know about Neuro-developmental Optometrist managed to run an accurate test to obtain my diagnosis. I can say it was a great relief and I finally can get a suitable pair of glasses and have my visual deficits retrained.” ~ Kenny


"I felt this was my first eye examination actually providing insights and identifying the real problem. I acknowledge that a proper vision therapy probably would lead to the best results in treatment." ~ Martin

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