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Introducing the new ReadingEase System!

Our new ReadingEase System is a unique system of lenses and/or therapy for someone with dyslexic symptoms. It has been clinically proven to dramatically improve accuracy of reading, writing and comprehension. Depending on your needs the system may include Chromagen™ lenses.

The ReadingEase System is specifically designed for each patient after an in-depth evaluation is performed by the developmental optometrist to determine what will work best.

Here’s how it works

The ReadingEase System of precision-tinted filters helps to selectively change the speed the information moves along that pathway from the patient’s eyes to the brain. This enables those who suffer from dyslexic-type symptoms to improve their reading ability, handwriting and spelling.

Our Board Certified Neuro-Developmental Optometrist will conduct a quick, reliable and specialized assessment for Visual dyslexia. During the evaluation the Neuro-Developmental Optometrist will aslo determine the optimum lens and therapy combination to help the person when reading and to minimize the symptoms of visual dyslexia.

And, depending on the depth of vision problem that is contributing to the visual dyslexia by using this System along with a program of Optometric Vision Therapy, we will be able help you improve your accuracy in processing visual information even further.

There are a variety of vision problems which can easily be mistaken for Dyslexia. During the evaluation Neuro-Developmental Optometrist will determine if a correctable vision problem is causing the difficulties with reading.

Click Here "More detail regarding tinted lens (Irlen lens, Precision lens, Overlays) "

 In addition, research has shown that many children who have Dyslexia also have a vision problem contributing to their challenges.  For these children, vision therapy can make a tremendous difference. For a more in-depth symptom checklist click here.

If any of the above symptoms applies to you or a member of your family, contact us for an appointment today.