Great difficulty in focus my sight

For years, I have had great difficulty in focusing my sight while doing routine tasks such as writing and editing technical manuscripts for academic research. I used to get migraines within the first 20 minutes of trying to concentrate on my work. I have consulted eye care practitioner over the years, but there was nothing wrong with my eyesight. I could see 20/20. So the eye care practitioner suggested I visit a psychiatrist.

Fortunately, I brought my son to see Mr. Stanley and I was surprised and delighted to find out he could also help me. After going through the Syntonic light therapy treatment (Syntonics) for several weeks, I am now able to perform just about as well as I used to be before I started getting migraines. Now I can stay focused up to 2 hours uninterrupted by any sign of migraines. Moreover, I noticed there is little to no pain at the back of my head.

Being comfortable is what matters the most so that I may be productive at my job and I look forward to performing my routine regularly. Thank you so much to the team of Sun Time Vision Specialist.

-A.B. Abdul, 56 years old.