Teenager We able to help

We have many Vision therapy success stories, this is one of them. Here's our latest Vision Therapy graduate!!

Growing up, Glen has always struggled with his studies mainly in reading and writing. Due to his visual focusing problem, he felt tired, skipped lines and saw double images. His handwriting is almost illegible. Despite having these struggles, his parents did not believe him and deemed it as mere laziness.

His vision problem had also affected his posture. He had trouble walking steadily, akin to a huge tree swaying in the wind.

Upon recommendation by a teacher, Glen found us and started vision therapy soon after that. Now he could read fluently, his speech is more coherent and he no longer sways as he walked. Glen can now play the Yo-yo with ease. He has a few tricks up his sleeve. Moreover, he is also quite a talented comic artist. Check out the portrait of Mr. Stanley Tien he drew.