Success Stories
Alexandre has been doing vision therapy for 40 weeks to help him with reading, writing and concentration. Vision therapy has also improved his eye-hand coordination skills. His dad said Alexandre is... More
From being misinterpreted as a not-so-bright child, vision therapy has helped 8-year-old Kaiyeshah improve leaps and bounds to the top of her class. When we first met Kaiyeshah’s mom, she shared that... More
For years, I have had great difficulty in focusing my sight while doing routine tasks such as writing and editing technical manuscripts for academic research. I used to get migraines within the first... More
Before vision therapy, Mikayla was having problems with reading, focusing and most importantly, a low self-esteem and always tired at near task activities especially after school . Obviously, her... More
Before discovering vision therapy, MATTHEW was an inattentive boy. Because of his very short attention span, he was unable to complete all school homework or any given tasks. He often gave excuses to... More
About a year ago, I was first diagnosed with homonymous hemianopia on my left eye. My left vision was completely obstructed. I was having problems with mobility and keep bumping into objects or... More
Struggling Students: A Global Problem with a Universal Solution According to the College of Optometrists in Vision Development   MON, JUL 08, 2013 21:04 CET Aurora, OH – For millions of parents, back... More
  Before vision therapy, Millie was having problems with: headaches and print moving around the page. Although her reading comprehension was good, her reading speed was very slow and she often... More
Before vision therapy Lucas was diagnosed with Dyslexia. He was struggling with reading, homework, recording and retaining information and often seemed in a state of confusion. His schoolwork and... More
My son, RJ (a 13 years old boy), had been diagnosed as Irlen Syndrome (due to words moving, lines jumping and words skipping, etc.) and prescribed a gray tinted lens for treatment, as quoted, it... More