Success Stories
Before vision therapy Kavin Dhillon was having problems with: Skipping smaller words when reading and mistaking words with similar words. He also struggled to read books and signage’s while out and... More
Before vision therapy Zhiyi was having problems with: Zhiyi was diagnosed with visual impairment. She had cortical blindness (low vision) and her eyes had no fixation(look), low esteem, always ask a... More
Before vision therapy Wei Jin was having problems with: Difficulty when copying, poor in sports as well as general movement. Diagnosed: Strabismus. Another area that was quite worrying was his eye... More
Before vision therapy James was having problems with: · Although a good reader he would often skip lines, miss words and difficulty finding his place again. · He was using one eye more than the other... More
We recently discovered Ashlee (8 years old) had lazy eye from a medical examination – stye on her left eye. We have not suspected she has lazy eye as she didn’t have problems in learning or delays in... More
Before vision therapy Aiden was having problems with: ·         Eye contact with people ·         Can’t do well with task that require hand and eye coordination ·         Hardly focus on what he is... More
Thank you to SunTime Vision Specialist. I was struggling with the choice of having vision therapy or surgery. Vision Therapy is a alternative treatment for squint eye. It was hard for me and my son... More
Progress in his vision therapy   My son started vision therapy slightly over a year ago. Prior to the first vision therapy assessment session, I was skeptical as I had not heard about vision... More
我女儿现在3岁4个月。从6个月大就开始做眼睛检查。医生说检查到女儿有懒惰眼,有时又斗鸡眼,眼球震动,近视200度 还有因眼睛关系而头斜一边。 她总共见了3个eye care practitioner。一岁前,大家都说看看会不会好转。一岁后,就建议用eye patching. 2岁后,都建议动手术, 但不保证眼球永远看正。 另外女儿也有去看一位,她说这些要靠女儿自己的脑控制。身为一位母亲,... More
Neuro-Vision Therpay help my son !!! When I first saw my son Amit's right eye was turning out, it was at dinner time. It became more obvious when he is tired. He then have a problem in school... More