Success Stories
No More Headaches and DOUBLE !!! A few months ago I visited Sun Time Vision Specialist because I was having headaches and see double which was affecting my work. As a banker I see a lot of computer... More
Chin wee Success! Neuro-Vision therapy helped me see things I could not see before, I could not see the board very well and always need to put my finger to follow the words  I read  in school, this... More
" I was surprised to find that our local Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist can straight up my son eye without any surgery. After listening to Mr Stanley the diagnosis made perfect... More
"After a car accident, my daughter been diagnosed close head injury, we under occupational therapist, physiotherapist, but I still think my daughter could be better. I have been recommend by US DR to... More
I thought my son cannot recover from lazy eye due to his age 15, since I saw 3 to 4 Eye Specialist said the same thing. After months of Vision therapy, I am happy to say my son schoolwork improved... More
"Since vision therapy, we see Zaafar reading and mathematics been improve.Our mind set thought mathematics talent is congenital, but is wrong because we didn’t get help.We were thought our son is ADD... More
"My son was diagnosed learning disabilities, is hard to follow what school teaching and send him to Tuition centre, now I am happy to say that Wei Yi improve a lot, and less tuition more outside... More
"I can see the program is quite effective with Shafrin. Although takes much more  time,but  it is well worth it.His eye look straight and less &  less squint and turn in again.He never complains... More