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Before having the therapy, Billie’s reading ability was insufficient in meeting the school demand when comparing with her peers, she had been suspected that she had a case of dyslexia. She rubbed eyes frequently as her eyes felt tired easily when reading, and she felt dislike for going to school due to the struggle. Vision therapy has turned the tide by solving her visual problems through boosting her visual skills. She is learning joyfully now

【 Billie 的母亲想跟大家分享她们从视觉治疗所得到的益处!】 接受视觉治疗前,Billie 的阅读能力较同龄的人低,能力不足以应付学校所需求的水平,故此她被怀疑有读写障碍。她阅读时眼睛容易疲劳继而引致不断的擦眼睛,她在阅读上的挣扎甚至令她讨厌上学。视觉治疗透过增加她的视觉技巧来解决她的视觉问题扭转了Billie 在阅读上的困局。她现在可以愉快地学习了!

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