3D Movie Seems To Cause Real Life Change

Can a movie ticket change your life? It would seem so, at least for one movie fan.

Dr. Bruce Bridgeman and his wife walked into a movie theatre, picked up their 3D glasses and found a seat in preparation to view the 3D film Hugo. Donning the 3D glasses, Bridgeman, afflicted with the inability to process depth perception, was prepared only to eliminate the confusion of viewing a 3D film without filtration. Instead, the event left him nothing short of euphoric.

The film sparked a level of depth perception in his viewing that he had never experienced, delivering a huge dose of stereo vision as trees, lamp posts, and cars jumped out at him for the first time. Even after exiting the theatre, Bridgeman continued to see in 3D, an effort that eluded him for nearly all of his life.
While readers should use caution in assuming a 3D film can fix the flat vision of a person lacking stereopsis, Bridgeman’s experience is proof of the elasticity of the neurological-visual systems in processing images. Some feel the highly exaggerated 3D film produced just the right stimulus to reawaken neuro-visual pathways, in effect jump-starting Bridgeman’s depth perception.

Bridgeman was also well into his adult life, adding to the impressive elasticity of the brain with regard to recharging visual pathways outside of the childhood window once thought to be the only effective time period for treatment.

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Article from Dr Tod Davis Vision Therapy


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