Dyslexia And Research

Neuropsychologists Most Often Conclude That Dyslexia Is A Language Processing Problem. Brain Image Studies (fMRI, Pet Scan) Show That People With Dyslexia Seem To Process Language Information In A Different Area Of The Brain Than People Who Do Not Have Dyslexia, Regardless Of Intellectual Ability.

When comparing good readers with poor readers, other brain image studies have shown that non-efficient readers use predominantly the speech/auditory parts of the brain while efficient readers use the visual parts of the brain.

Though brain image studies is an exciting way to understand the differences in how the brain fires in different types of learners, it is important to remember what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Does the brain process a certain way during reading because it did not learn and develop the skills needed efficiently or is there something physically wrong with the brain, that caused the person to process differently?

It has been shown with EEG studies that the way a brain process can be changed with proper feedback to the brain. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech/auditory therapy, and vision therapy would not be successful if we could not re-pattern the brain.


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