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We do have supply special lenses for Achromatopsia, Hemeralopia (Day Blindness) – Extreme Light, and Glare Sensitivity. In order to get an optimum result, you will need to make an appointment to meet our Optometrist in the Special interest of this. The light forces her to squint her eyes in normal room light. Day blindness […]

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Dyslexia And Research

Neuropsychologists Most Often Conclude That Dyslexia Is A Language Processing Problem. Brain Image Studies (fMRI, Pet Scan) Show That People With Dyslexia Seem To Process Language Information In A Different Area Of The Brain Than People Who Do Not Have Dyslexia, Regardless Of Intellectual Ability. When comparing good readers with poor readers, other brain image […]

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What Is The Mechanism By Which Myopia Develops?

Richard Gallagher in the Ophthalmologist newsletter: Despite a century of interest in refractive development, the etiology of myopia is still not fully understood. Now, with the prevalence skyrocketing, the search for answers is more urgent than ever. What is known is that myopia results when an eye is too long for its optical power or […]

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Poor Binocular Coordination Of Saccades In Dyslexic Children

Bucci MP, Brémond-Gignac D, Kapoula Z. IRIS Group, CNRS, Service OPH-ORL-Stomatologie, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou & Pôle Chirurgie ORL-OPH, Hôpital Robert Debré, Paris, France. [email protected] AIM: To examine the quality of binocular coordination of saccades in dyslexic children in single word reading and in a task requiring fixation of a single LED. METHODS: Eighteen children with dyslexia (11.4 […]

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A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes With A Laptop

Students who used longhand remembered more and had a deeper understanding of the material By Cindi May | June 3, 2014 “More is better.”  From the number of gigs in a cellular data plan to the horsepower in a pickup truck, this mantra is ubiquitous in American culture.  When it comes to college students, the belief that more […]

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Treatable Vision Problems That Mimic Dyslexia Symptoms

Parents often visit us believing their child is dyslexic based on the fact that they reverse letters and/or numbers when writing and/or reading. However, you may be surprised that sometimes symptoms that look like dyslexia can actually be a vision problem. defines dyslexia as a severe reading problem of neurological origin in a person with […]

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