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Blind People Had Good Vision? Ask Me How

Helen Keller Had Good Vision; Ask Me How! Most of us are familiar with the true story of Helen Keller. She was born June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Although born with sight and hearing, Helen was rendered blind and deaf by an illness at 19 months of age. Because of her disabilities, Helen did […]

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The Eye’s Not Lazy Amblyopia Explained

The term “lazy eye” is a loosely used medical term that intones an older view of what is the most common cause of visual impairment in U.S. children, approximately five percent have it. The actual medical term is Amblyopia. It’s not an eye problem, it’s a problem where the brain ignores visual images from one […]

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How To Identify And Correct Double Vision

Sometimes when the eye,mind or body is exhausted, one can lose clarity in their vision; it can become blurred or even doubled. Some people suffer from (diplopial, Double image) double vision consistently in their lives; this condition is referred to as diplopia (Double image). Diplopia (Double image) can cause headaches and other common ailments, and […]

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The Importance Of Binocularity

Whenever Optometrists refers to ability of the brain to fuse two independent images,one from each eye, into one, they are talking about binocularity. Optimal binocularity, when both eyes are aimed singly at given point of distance, results in the merging (fusion) of both images into one three dimensional picture. What Factors Inhibit Binocularity? Inadequate vision development […]

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