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Vision And Hearing Are Tied To Cognitive Decline

Now and then I hear someone (myself included) proclaim “my brain is on overload.” This is not surprising given the myriad complex tasks the brain p

Adult Vt To Correct Strabismus And Surgery

It has been very therapeutic to write it down for the first time so honestly.

Syntonics Light Therapy

If you’ve never experienced vision therapy, then chances are slim that you’ve heard of syntonics.

Stress Relieving Lenses, Therapeutic Lenses

by Steve Gallop, O.D.  (Published 1999; Journal of Behavioral Optometry, Vol. 10, #4) INTRODUCTION

Vision And Posture 2


Is A Vision Deficit Causing Reading Difficulties?

Reading and attention struggles frequently become more noticed after the third grade when students begin to rely more heavily upon written material