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Vision Problems After Stroke

According to the Third National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) in 2006, the report showed that around 0.3% of stroke among Malaysians.

Vision problems after concussions

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the major causes of death in Malaysia.

Is Panic Attacks related to vision ?

Panic attacks are characterised by extreme anxiety of an anticipated threat, which may be a real or imagined threat on the part of the patient to t

Reading & Behavior Better with Vision Therapy ?


All You Need to Know About Short Sightedness

Short-sightedness is most commonly caused by both eyes not working together correctly.

Have You Been Told That Your 2 Eyes Are Imbalanced, Different Power ?

Sometimes one eye is stronger than the other and can see a lot better.  As a result you use the stronger eye more often and the other eye can