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Would You Look At That! Fixation, Fixation, Fixation

Right now as you read these words your eyes are fixating (looking) at successive points along with the screen.

3D Movie Seems To Cause Real Life Change

Can a movie ticket change your life? It would seem so, at least for one movie fan.

3-D Vision At Age 48

SUSAN BARRY’S NEW BOOK ON VISION Mon, 07/20/2009 – 15:23 — billg

Visual Hygiene

The visual process can be protected by simple precautions such as proper lenses, posture, lighting, ergonomics and working distance.

How We Treat Lazy Eye?

Vision Therapy

Does Tinted Lenses Overlay Help For Dyslexia?

The Use of Tinted Lenses and Colored Overlays for the