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Have You Been Told That Your 2 Eyes Are Imbalanced, Different Power ?

Sometimes one eye is stronger than the other and can see a lot better.  As a result you use the stronger eye more often and the other eye can become lazy (often called lazy eye).  Unfortunately because the 2 eyes are not being used together correctly, it can make your eyes tired.  In addition, you will need to reread the material, and get headaches etc. This condition is called anisometropia.

When reading or working on the computer, do you:

  • Have eye pain?
  • Get tired? Headaches?
  • Feel like you are only using one eye?
  • See blurry?
  • Have trouble seeing in the distance?

If you have any of these symptoms, we can help.  Please call to schedule an appointment with our vision specialist, Mr. Tien.

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