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Anxiety disorders affect millions of people each year. But did you know that certain vision problems can trigger anxious thoughts and feelings?
August 12, 2021

Binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), a common eye condition that develops following a traumatic brain injury (TBI), has been shown to trigger anxiety and panic attacks.  With your binocular vision, you can see a single, clear image— despite having two eyes. When looking at any object, each eye sends visual input to the brain— so the brain […]

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Stroke and Vision Success Stories
August 26, 2021

【✨Stroke Hemianopia vision rehab✨】 Mr. Kamal had a stroke which resulted in lots of problems with his vision that caused difficulties with balance, walking, and driving. He could not see part of his left side and was told he had hemianopsia.People would “pop up” on his left side. He was scared to walk because his […]

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Clinical Vision Therapist Trainee- (2 years contract)
September 9, 2021

Job Highlights Opportunity to help improve people’s lives Be part of an exciting team Career development as a Clinical vision therapist Job Description Rewarding position, working with children one-on-one to improve their visual skills, through Vision Therapy.We will train the right person to become a Clinical Vision Therapist. We are looking for someone who is […]

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Double Vision without Prism Success Story
September 11, 2021

【✨Double Vision After Stroke - Vision Rehab (2)✨】 Have you tried prism to help with double vision after a stroke but still had problems? Willem experienced double vision after he had a stroke. Prism made no difference in his symptoms. Other specialists told him the problem would recover slowly. But it was too slow! He […]

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