Reading Fun To Reading Nightmares

Reading Fun To Reading Nightmares

For many, first grade is the start of many years of fun and exciting discoveries; like playing sports or musical instruments, and learning to read. Reading for most children is a gateway to new information and a new understanding about the world around them. For many it is a fun and exciting adventure. For others it can be frustrating, lonely, disappointing, and confusing time, because words and numbers make no sense due to blurred vision or double-vision. Some of these children endure jokes and ridicule from peers over failure in the classroom. As well, they become defeated because they are unable to describe the problems they are facing. Many simply avoid reading or fight against it.

If you, or someone you know and love, falls into that second category, perhaps it is time for a thorough vision exam by a developmental optometrist. Many early reading problems can be associated with an undiscovered vision disorders, like convergence insufficiency or amblyiopia. Neuro- Developmental Optometrists like are trained to recognize and treat vision problems with vision therapy.

Vision problems can be treated through lenses, exercises, and other vision therapy activities, to improve binocular function. Vision therapy programs designed by developmental optometrists can provide strategies and skills that help students reach academic milestones that once seemed out of reach. We have seen hundreds of once poor performers turn into dynamic achievers with new found confidence and passion for learning.

Helping struggling students to achieve and succeed through vision therapy will not only improve academic progress, but will undoubtedly improve self image, a critical piece of the social scene in school. Early detection and treatment helps keep students aligned with peers, losing as little ground as possible.

Scheduling an appointment with a good developmental optometrist that understands the challenges many children face, and that can design a vision therapy program to engage the student, improve the skills, and gain confidence, is a priceless gift. If you have questions about someone you know and love, and how to help them reach their potential, the staff at SunTime Vision Specialist and Vision Therapy Services would love to provide some answers.


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