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Efficacy Of Vision Therapy In Children With Learning Disability

Efficacy of vision therapy in children with learning disability and associated binocular vision anomalies

Another Research Showed Adulthood Able To Gain a 3D Vision

An Assessment of Stereovision Acquired in Adulthood. Barry, Susan R.; Bridgeman, Bruce CLINICAL REPORT: PDF Only

Effects Of Acute Peripheral/Central Visual Field Loss On Standing Balance

Vision impairments such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma are among the top risk factors for geriatric falls and fall-related

Vision Screening Outcomes Of Grade 3 Children in Australia: Differences in Academic Achievement

Sonia L.J. Whitea, , , Joanne M. Woodb, Alexander A. Blackb, Shelley Hopkinsb Abstract

Research Articles Published in Professional Journals By Geoff Shayler (City University UK, Behavioral Optometrist)

The Scientific Basis for And Efficacy Of Optometric Vision Therapy in Nonstrabismic Accomodative And Vergence Disorders

Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, O.D., Ph.D.