Treatment Will Vary Depending On The Type Of Astigmatism And Severity Of The Problem

Contact lenses and spectacles can be used. At Sun Time Vision Specialist, we have found that we have better success with our patients when we use the lowest possible prescription. When you use a stronger power lens, patients with astigmatism (散光/Rabun Silau) can become dependent on the lenses and in some cases the astigmatism can get worse. In many cases we find that vision therapy and the series of the exercises can help when an eye coordination or eye movement problem is contributing to the vision problem.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The first step is for Vision specialist Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral optometrist is to do a Vision evaluation to determine the cause of astigmatism. This help to design your best management plan. Management can include special prescription glasses or contact lenses, but can also involve optometric vision therapy.

It depends on what is causing the astigmatism (散光/Rabun Silau). If the reason is due to how the eyes are working together, then glasses could make it worse.

In most cases we can help without spectacles.  However, it does depend on what is causing the astigmatism (散光/Rabun Silau).

In order to answer the question specifically for your child, our Practitioner (Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral optometrist) would need to do a thorough eye examination. Once that is completed he will be able to design the treatment plan and review the details with you.

Sometimes we can bring the correction down and the child will need to use glasses less than before and sometimes we are able to improve it to the point where there is no need for glasses or contacts at all.


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