Struggling Students: A Global Problem with a Universal Solution , According to the College of Optometrists in Vision Development

Tim Lim had low self-esteem and even thought he was stupid...

The Dyslexia Association Malaysia referred Tim Lim to Neuro Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist who was able to solve the problem. Tim Lim had convergence insufficiency (a very treatable eye coordination disorder that can make reading very difficult). Once the vision problem was corrected his mother, Ang Si Ying, saw a huge difference, “Now Tim Lin is starting to use his brain and he is very intelligent! He no longer throws tantrums when asked to do schoolwork and homework gets done much faster.”

With time and consistency, vision therapy patients may experience significant improvements in visual comfort, skills and efficiency. The American Optometric Association, National Eye Institute and many eye health professionals approve and recommend vision therapy for the treatment of both physiological and perceptual vision conditions.

Even though visual therapy treatment results vary from patient to patient, treatments are often effective for providing results that corrective lenses and surgical procedures are unable to offer. Many patients who have undergone vision therapy report improved peripheral vision, better eye-hand coordination, better focusing and faster visual reaction time.

As an added benefit, patients also report fewer environmentally induced headaches, blurred vision, eye strain and nausea. Furthermore, although it is often used to treat visual dysfunctions, visual behavioral therapy is also helpful for the prevention of the future visual problems, as well as for enhancing existing visual capacity.

Many children with vision problems are mislabeled as having ADD/ADHD when they are hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive, because the symptoms are very similar... In fact, 15 of the 18 common symptoms of ADD/ADHD are the same as a learning-related vision problem. We have a parent who would like to share her daughter’s story with you. She is thankful to have found vision therapy as a solution for her daughter’s misdiagnosis. We are very happy for her success, too!

Kenny, a medical doctor, struggled for about 4 – 5 years with the vision problem and glasses prescription still giving him occasional double vision...

He shares his story of struggle and success below:

“Finding the correct spectacles prescription has always been a huge headache for me. I have visited almost four different optometrist centers and other eye care practitioner. However after each visit, I still experienced blurry and double vision. The conditions didn’t change even after wearing the new glasses.”

After searching the internet, he found Neuro-developmental optometrist and then completed eight weeks of vision training.

“Finally I got to know about Neuro-developmental optometrist managed to run an accurate test to obtain my diagnosis.”

“I can say it was a great relief and I finally can get a suitable pair of glasses and have my visual deficits retrained.” ~ Kenny

This card is simply too cute and creative for words. It was a farewell occasion for one of our patients migrating to Germany...

Her parents came to us early of the year inquiring about treatment for their daughter’s lazy eye and double vision problem. After consultation with vision specialist, they could not believe their ears that we offer a non-surgical approach to treat lazy eyes when other consultancies have always given them one type of solution – surgery.

The daughter is so happy to find herself gradually starting to see 3D. Hope she enjoys her newfound ability in a new country. Alles Gute! (All the best in German).

[From the drawings, you could see she drew a SYNTONIC LIGHT THERAPY device, a 3D development machine.

For years, I have had great difficulty in focusing my sight while doing routine tasks such as writing and editing technical manuscripts for academic research. I used to get migraines within the first 20 minutes of trying to concentrate on my work...

I have consulted eye care practitioner over the years, but there was nothing wrong with my eyesight. I could see 20/20. So the eye care practitioner suggested I visit a psychiatrist.

Fortunately, I brought my son to see Neuro-developmental optometrist and I was surprised and delighted to find out he could also help me. After going through the Syntonic light therapy treatment (Syntonics) for several weeks, I am now able to perform just about as well as I used to be before I started getting migraines. Now I can stay focused up to 2 hours uninterrupted by any sign of migraines. Moreover, I noticed there is little to no pain at the back of my head.

Fortunately, I brought my son to see Neuro-developmental optometrist and I was surprise being comfortable is what matters the most so that I may be productive at my job and I look forward to performing my routine regularly. Thank you so much to the team of Neuro-developmental optometrist.

A.B. Abdul, 56 years old.

We have many Vision therapy success stories, this is one of them. Here's our latest Vision Therapy graduate!!

Growing up, Glen has always struggled with his studies mainly in reading and writing. Due to his visual focusing problem, he felt tired, skipped lines and saw double images. His handwriting is almost illegible. Despite having these struggles, his parents did not believe him and deemed it as mere laziness.

His vision problem had also affected his posture. He had trouble walking steadily, akin to a huge tree swaying in the wind.

Upon recommendation by a teacher, Glen found us and started vision therapy soon after that. Now he could read fluently, his speech is more coherent and he no longer sways as he walked. Glen can now play the Yo-yo with ease. He has a few tricks up his sleeve. Moreover, he is also quite a talented comic artist. Check out the portrait of Mr. Stanley Tien he drew.

Before vision therapy Shafiqi was having some challenges in appreciating his surroundings. He had little value for anything that he did and could not care for things around him...

After almost 6 months of undergoing the vision therapy program, he is now more alert of what's happening around him, hence having more concern for things. He starts to question “what”, “why” and “how” the way things work in this world.

Seeing such a progress on him makes us feel that it is never too late to seek help especially from vision therapists. We hope Shafiqi would keep improving in future.

Before vision therapy Nolianga was struggling academically. Reading was a tedious task to her – she lost her place or missed some words...

29 weeks of vision therapy has helped Nolianga in school. She is much more confident and has less anxiety. She is more open talking to friendsand willing to share ideas.

Relieved to see their daughter’s success, her parents are grateful for the help that Nolianga received. “Thank you for believing in her!”

Back then Chloe had a hard time concentrating or even the patience to finish a book. She could only read for 15 minutes before the headache kicked in...

She had little confidence in herself because her exam results were average compared to her friends.

Finally, after 32 weeks of vision therapy, Chloe found her confidence once more. She has more stamina when reading and in fact, she could study all day. Her exam results are gradually improving. Now she does not have to depend on glasses which she has worn since young.

Congratulations to Elaine for completing vision therapy!

She has worn Irlen tinted lenses to help on her reading, but it doesn't reduce her other visual symptoms...

Her symptoms mostly appeared during reading times such as bothered by light, frowning, covering an eye and losing place in a sentence. All these resulted in her comprehension decreases over time. After doing near task activity, she tires easily.

After Neuro-Vision therapy, she is no longer bothered by light. She found it much easier to read even without glasses.

Before vision therapy JARED was having problems with reading, Mathematics, as well as coordination skills. It has caused him a lot of anxiety and low self-esteem...

With the help of Vision therapy he has finally improved his visual skills, solved his hidden visual problems as well as his reading skills and along the way, picked up a lot of vocabulary to better his communication skills.

Thank you to the team for months of effort and assistance.

A huge thank you to Neuro-developmental optometrist and the therapist for continuing to support Alex. He has enjoyed all of his sessions with vision therapy." That was the words of gratitude our patient's mother has to say when her son graduated vision therapy...

Like many school-going children, Alex was mainly having problems with reading and spelling caused by his lack of vision skills. He had an eye teaming issue so his eyes did not move at the same speed.

Through hardwork from both Alex and the therapists, Alex now can write more fluidly using difficult words. His speed of reading has increased dramatically too.

Keep it up, Alex!

Congratulations to Rogan for graduating vision therapy. Rogan was having difficulty coping in school and finishing his homework...

Vision therapy has made his learning journey more enjoyable and he is able to stay focused in school.

A Success Story of James’ Learning. Here's the comment by his mom:

James has achieved a higher reading level than he ever could before. He is also able to copy from the board now. In addition, I can easily understand his conversation now as compared to how he spoke previously when his conversation content was complicated.

A great “Thank You” to Sun Time Vision Specialist, Mr. Stanley and his team.

Hadif was said to have lazy eye by other specialist. It was suggested that Hadif undergo surgery to tighten his eye muscles. After getting the diagnosis, we thought of searching for another type of treatment. We were told that Sun Time had an alternate way of correcting the eyes with vision therapy...

We met Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist who then informed us that in addition to having lazy eyes, he had problems with focusing, cognitive difficulties, and his eyes weren't working together. This was contributing to his behavior and learning skills.

After a vision therapy program, we found a lot of improvement in Hadif’s progress. Not only did his eyes and vision improve tremendously, but his behavior and personality became more optimistic too. He now seems to be more confident and we are very happy to see such improvement in him. Thanks to Mr. Stanley and his team.

This time, let's hear the story of an adult who has found success in having better vision...

"I need to remove my glasses to read and to work in front of the computer, also even though i changed my glasses i still the same thing. After awhile of near task, I feel headache and is always on painkillers to eliminate the stress." I am very light sensitive when outdoor or night time on the street light. These things make me hard to attend and focus on my job and affecting my emotion.

After undergoing photo-light therapy treatment, here is what he has to say, "After 4 weeks of photo-light therapy, my headache is lesser , no longer afraid of light compare to previously and I only took painkillers once. The new pair of ambient spatial glasses have helped me with my reading and computer work easier and more efficiency.

Before visiting Sun Time Vision Specialist, Gabriel frequently experienced double vision. He found it extremely stressful during reading and writing, and often complained of headaches and itchiness in the eyes. As a result, he was often frustrated by his lack of ability and slow learning process...

The other eye care practitioner Gabriel visited informed him that he may be allergic to chlorine water as he is also an avid swimmer and prescribed him some eye drops, but the conditions persisted.

After 12 sessions of vision therapy program with Mr. Stanley and his team, Gabriel glad to say the double vision has disappeared, headaches are gone and he is able to complete his homework promptly. Gabriel’s mother, Mrs. Yong, also sees improvements in his handwriting which has become neater and he now enjoys reading more than ever. Mrs. Yong urges parents who notice abnormalities in their child’s vision to seek for therapy because the eyes and vision plays a very important part in our lives.

Glad to hear from a mom who shared her success story about her son's changes...

My son is 10 years old now, he had been diagnosed as suffering from learning difficulties when he was 7. I had tried various treatments after that but did not gain much help.

A few months ago, by the recommendation and referral from a special needs teacher in Malacca (Miss Liew), I came to visit Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist. At that moment, I thought that all the problems could be solved if they gave me tinted lens or glasses for my son. However, after having the Vision Evaluation with Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist, I understood that my son's problems could not be easily solved with just glasses. He needed a program of Vision Therapy.

After a few therapy sessions, I almost wanted to stop the therapy because of some extraneous factors. Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist thoroughly explained the importance of the treatment plan to me again and encouraged me to persevere through it. I decided to persevere or else I would not be able to see my son's great improvements.

Even though he is still working on completing his therapy program, he has already grown from a kid who could not read and write, to a person who can perform all these skills now.

Such a big improvement has to be attributed to the tireless effort from Sun Time’s staff. I am grateful for our Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist’s persistence in therapy, which greatly improved my son’s condition. Thank you Stanley and his team!

Mrs. Wong (Malacca, Malaysia)

For the first time, I saw my son, Forrest, catching a ball...

I saw my son catching a ball when Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist puts on a special glasses on him. This was the first time I saw him catching the ball in the air without having to move his whole body.

After 7 sessions of vision therapy and homework support, today, I watched again my son catching the ball. This time without the aid of any special glasses. I notice his eyes and the brain is now working together closer than before.

Thank you so much Sun Time Vision Specialist and its team.

Vision Therapy Success Stories - We tailor-made a Neuro Vision therapy program and different strategy...

Before vision therapy LAYLA was having problems with: headaches or dizziness, tired eyes and skipping lines while reading. Layla has used the online program at home and support from office vision therapy to help with the above issues. She has done these at home for 4-5 nights per week. After 6 months, we have noticed a dramatic improvement with Layla’s reading stamina, all the above are now not a problem. Layla’s confidence has improved with reading and dad found she is more dynamic in other areas also. I highly recommend talk to Vision specialist , he will recommend and plan a strategy whatever you needed to support you and your child.

We recently discovered Ashlee (8 years old) had lazy eye from a medical examination – stye on her left eye. We have not suspected she has lazy eye as she didn’t have problems in learning or delays in motor skills...

The conventional or traditional treatment was a patch over the “bad” eye which I found to be severe.

It made her nervous – suddenly the world was blurry and she clung on to me as she walked and patching is so hard for her and me also. After some research we found SunTime Vision Specialist and started Vision Therapy. I drove twice a week for 3 hours for two months. From having blurry vision she can see 3D & depth perception improve . Her progress was steady and daily home vision therapy software exercises was useful. She enthusiastically came for the Vision Therapy and self-monitor (write down on a notebook). Although she dislike wearing glasses (being rainpot) she tries to wear them as it is a … finish instead of a total blackout. Every little bit she does continues to improve her lazy eye.

Thank you for her therapist and SunTime Vision Specialist.

Before vision therapy LUCY was having problems with:

Her reading speed, her eye co-ordination, her tracking, her reading comprehension, and switching from long to short distance.

Over the year that Lucy has been receiving her therapy, she’s made big progress. Her reading has improved, her sight is more focused, she no longer struggles and as a result is less distracted in class. She’s really enjoyed coming! Thank You!
Graduate in 32 weeks

Lindsay Bell