Adult Lazy eye- Success Story

One of our patients, Michiel and his mom sat down with us to share about their contentment of going through vision therapy to gain his first glimpse of life in 3D. Michiel was at loss for words seeing “a little baby duck” emerging in front of his own eyes. When he was 7-year-old, Michiel’s mother discovered he had amblyopia (lazy eye). They were rebuffed as untreatable, that nothing could be done to correct his lazy eye after 7 year old. Many tried to convince them to just live with it because it was too late. This means that one of his eyes was not working correctly which made it impossible to see 3D. Michiel’s mother believes every health condition has its way of rehabilitation. Through the Internet and a international referral they found out it could be help with Neuro-visual therapy. Thus, this is how they met Mr. Stanley Tien and his team in Malaysia. Today, Michiel is proud to declare that he is the proof that visual therapy extends beyond children. Throughout his life he has never been able to view how 3D images should actually appear until now, after vision therapy training with Sun Time Vision Specialist (FCOVD, FACBO). Watch this video to see his shock, wonder and enjoyment of his new skill.