Life-Changing Experience: Overcome Brain Injury Symptom with Neuro Optometrist Visual Rehabilitation

Andria's experience with concussion symptoms was a debilitating one. The brain fog, dizziness, and headaches she experienced after spending time in front of screens made it impossible for her to function normally for days to weeks. Desperate for a solution, she turned to a referral from a USA doctor who recommended a qualified practice Fellow in Neuro Optometrist Visual Rehab (FNORA).

Living in Vietnam, Andria searched for a regional practitioner who could treat her, and Neuro Vision Specialist and Sun Time was one of the few places that had experience treating patients with brain injury. The encouragement and engagement she received from the therapists at Neuro Vision Specialist and Sun Time gave her hope. She noticed immediate improvements in her symptoms, and after a year of therapy, she was amazed by the progress she had made. She could even handle things that had been difficult for her in the past, like shopping malls, flashing lights, noise, and crowds.

Andria highly recommends neuro developmental optometry to anyone experiencing similar symptoms. It's similar to physical therapy for the eyes and brain, and she compares it to rehabilitating muscles after an injury. The virtual therapy sessions with Neuro Vision Specialist were effective and engaging, giving Andria hope for a better future. Her story is an inspiration for anyone struggling with brain injury or concussion symptoms.