Stroke and Vision Success Stories

【✨Stroke Hemianopia vision rehab✨】
Mr. Kamal had a stroke which resulted in lots of problems with his vision that caused difficulties with balance, walking, and driving. He could not see part of his left side and was told he had hemianopsia.
People would “pop up” on his left side.
He was scared to walk because his vision was so unstable. He would lose his balance and accidentally hit people on his left side. Regular optical doctors and even other specialists could not help.

▶️Now, after vision rehabilitation with Vision Specialist Stanley Tien (which included special glasses with “prism”), he can now maintain his balance, and has the confidence to walk and drive again. Mr. Kamal is happy to share his story and success with you. If you have had a 👉stroke, brain injury, or concussion👈 you need to watch this video.

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