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We met Henry when he was 11 years old and he had been struggling with reading for years... After attended Neuro-Vision therapy, he is doing so much better his mother would like to share their story with you. To help your children and family member notify their vision problem, we welcome you to come over and have a free screening:

在 Henry 十一岁的时候我们有机会认识他,那个时候他已经在閲读的领域上使劲地挣扎了好几年。当接触了视觉治癒後,他的阅读有了明显的改善。他妈妈希望把他们的视觉治癒故事分享出去。 若你想知道自己的小孩或家人有没有受到视觉问题的困扰,你可以透过以下的连结报名参加 Sun Time Vision Specialist 的免费视觉检查活动。名额有限,先到先得啊:

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