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Vision And Posture 2

UNDERSTANDING OCULAR TORTICOLLIS IN CHILDREN E-mail: [email protected] Abstract Ocular abnormal head posture or torticollis is a frequent sign in pediatric pathology. The incidence is 5,6% in ophthalmological practice and 3,19% in pediatric ophthalmological practice. Causes of ocular abnormal head posture are incomitant strabismus, nystagmus, refractive errors, palpebral ptosis, neuro-ophthalmological diseases affecting the visual field. The abnormal […]


Reading and attention struggles frequently become more noticed after the third grade when students begin to rely more heavily upon written materials to supplement their learning. As students progress to middle school and on to high school, reading difficulties may emerge changing an avid reader to a “reading avoider.” In other situations, educational teams may […]


Susan R Barry Ph.D.Eyes on the Brain Seeing while moving; what eye exams don’t reveal.Posted Jun 07, 2012 You are driving down the middle lane of a highway, perhaps late at night. The white markers on either side of the lane appear to move faster and spread apart as you drive between them. (See for […]


Posted by Greg Mischio on November 26, 2013 Reading, writing and arithmetic.  They’re the foundation of our educational system and the basis for what your child needs to succeed in school.  And Functional Vision Problems can affect them all. Functional vision problems. These are vision issues that evade typical vision screenings performed by schools, and […]


Dr. C is a medical doctor who suffered from strabismus (eye turn) and nystagmus (an eye disorder where the eyes move back and forth rapidly out of control).  When he was in medical school he had strabismus surgery.  He had seen numerous eye doctors and optometrists looking for help with his visual difficulties before finding […]


THE “EYES” HAVE IT Posted February 28th, 2001 by Matt Spine General (involves multiple spine areas) We don’t realize it, but our eyes have a great deal to do with how we stand and move. The eyes feed the brain information about where the body is in relationship to the ground and objects all around us. […]


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