How Can You Spot Your Child Visual Dysfunction?

Spotting visual dysfunction in children can be challenging, particularly when they lack the verbal skills to express their experiences. However, there are certain signs you can watch out for if you suspect your child may be experiencing visual problems. These signs include:

1. Reading below their expected school grade level.
2. Reluctance or unwillingness to read or read out loud.
3. Excessive fidgeting during reading or other learning-related activities.
4. Difficulty summarizing or remembering what they have read.
5. Exhibiting signs of frustration.
6. Resisting going to school or doing homework.
7. Having a low attention span.
8. Taking frequent bathroom breaks during reading-related activities.
9. Covering one eye, tilting their head, or blinking frequently when looking at distant objects like a blackboard.

By being aware of these signs, you can better identify potential visual dysfunction in your child and seek appropriate support or professional evaluation as needed.


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