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Nothing makes our day more than a person telling us how much better they felt now, we kept a few of them.

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The vision specialist correctly and precisely diagnosed our child's vision disorder. Highly recommended for any parents whose child may be suffering from vision related problems that's affecting their learning.

Wan Chun Hung

My daughter was feeling dizzy and sick all the time, headaches and exhausted after school. Her coordination was off as well. Always bright but her school performance was not matching her capabilities. We had taken her to eye doctors both in Malaysia and USA and no one mentioned any problems.

When she fell out of her chair in class I knew something was wrong. I suspected it had to do with her one near sighted eye.

Sunny Darley Blaylock

My son was diagnosed with Lazy Eye at the age of 9, nearly 10.  Both the paediatric ophthalmologist and the optometrist that examined his vision told me that he would likely have to live with this condition and that he was too old to be a candidate for much improvement.  His vision was 20/160 and was unable to perceive any 3D at that time. 
We then turned to Stanley and his team at Sun Time to train my son's vision.  Less than a year later his vision had improved to 20/80 and binocular vision improved with the ablity to see in 3D to some extent.  His visual accommodation had also improved. 

Lisa Tan

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