Post COVID-19 related Visual Problems

Why After COVID-19 related to Visual Problems ?

Our eyes are closely linked to the brain. When someone suffers any type of injuries to the brain, whether it is a COVID-19, stroke, car accident, or developmental delay, their vision will be adversely affected.

After COVID-19 infect most patient reported vision-related symptoms below reading-related issues, eye strain, blurry vision, and light sensitivity

The neuro-visual examination showed clinical signs in 83% of the patients, mainly concerning eye teaming and eye movement functions necessary to comfortably maintain clear, stable, and flexible vision.

In addition, patients do have persisting symptoms such as mental fatigue and other cognitive impairments 

Frequently Asked Questions

Double vision and blurry sometimes

Do you become dizzy                                                    

  • When bending over?     
  • When rolling over?                         
  • When turning your head quickly?             
  • If you turn your head while walking?                      

Do you have symptoms of discomfort, unsteadiness, dizziness or imbalance                         

  • When shopping in a supermarket?          
  • When walking along a tree-lined street?
  • When looking at striped or very busy patterns?
  • When watching a movie on television or scrolling on the computer screen or tablet?
  • When people are moving around you?  
  • When riding as a front seat passenger?

Have you noticed any type of vision change?      

Do you experience double vision?           

Do you experience reading difficulties? 

Do you experience difficulty when moving among people and objects?  

Do you frequently bump into people or objects?

Do you experience difficulty with depth perception, eg, on stairs?             

Do you experience difficulty with eye-hand coordination, eg, when reaching for a glass? 

Do you experience difficulty recognizing faces? 

Do you perceive familiar faces differently?          

Do you become more dazzled by light?  

Do you need more light in general to see well?  

Do you need more light while reading?

Is your vision blurrier now?        

Is your color perception different now?

Have you experienced any visual phenomenon?

Have you experienced any other visual concern?              

Is your visual field affected?       

Have you had an eye or vision examination since the injury?

Sometimes it can be easy as put on the glasses, it can be include a compensatory lens, a lens therapy program or training lenses with Neuro-vision rehabilitation.