USA eye doctors recognize our clinic and refer their squint eye and eye turn patients to us

Aston had always struggled with his eye turn and squint eye. Despite wearing glasses and undergoing various treatments, his eye condition remained unchanged. His eye doctor in Washington DC suggested that he go Neuro vision therapy, a specialized treatment that could potentially improve his eye condition.

However, Aston's dad received a job offer in Malaysia. They had to move across the world, and Aston's hopes of receiving the Neuro vision therapy were dashed.

But as luck would have it, the eye doctor in the United States knew someone in ASIA who could help. The doctor had been working with a clinic in Malaysia that specialized : Neuro and SunTime vision specialist , and he suggested that Aston's family visit us.

To their surprise, the clinic was run by a founder who had worked with the eye doctor from the United States before. The clinic had an excellent reputation for its success in treating patients.

Aston's family was relieved and overjoyed to hear this news. They made an appointment with the clinic, and Aston began his treatment. Over time, Aston's eye condition improved significantly, and he was able to see much clearer than before.

The experience taught Aston's family the importance of having a good support system and the value of building relationships. They were grateful for the overseas eye doctor's recommendation and the recognition of the clinic's success of NEURO and SunTime Vision Specialist. Aston's life was changed for the better, and the family was happy to have found a solution to his eye condition.